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This is where you can get notified of any recent changes we have made, or future plans regarding Limitless

Recent Updates

Automaton Ball Collector

In this month of September, we as a team have collectively decided to attain a machine that helps both students and parents to easy and effectively pick up their balls. This in turn minimizes the down time between rounds.

High Capacity Carts

We have also decided to increase our capacity with multiple storage devices that allow us to play and coach for an extended period of time which greatly expands how much the student gets to practice.

Education and Expansion

We carefully devise and create vision plans and learning paths for each unique student. Furthermore, our coaches study and tweak professional player's techniques in order to better fit into your game

New Academy Project

Within the upcoming year, we here at Limitless are planning something major.

Beautiful hard courts, bright lights, and a sunshade / roof.

We are on the works to building our own private courts with the respected amenities that players far and wide will love as a combination with our training regimen.

Stay tuned for more information in the months to come.

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